Impatient & itchy

On the journey to long & healthy hair, it takes time to see results. It’s not immediate and that can be frustrating a times. Yesterday I had gone to celebrate with my BFF on his recent promotion at the bank. He’s a fashion buff as well and quite vocal about his views and opinions. So we had a brunch date for the Chinese restaurant that sits atop Ice cream factory on the island.

I had gone to pick him up from the bank & you needed to have seen his face when he saw my hair. I had my hair in a bun and you all know I’m on a 5 month stretch. I quickly informed him I was on a hair journey & told him to wipe the smirk off his face or else the date was off. I’m itching for a touch up just to see how far I’ve gone but I can’t give up now when I’m almost close to my next length achievement. I’ve extended the stretch to 23 weeks as I’ve had to reschedule my travel dates to the 3rd week in July. It’s also given me time to start the search for travel sized containers for my hair products to make dispensing easier as I’ll be commuting within 3 states (Atlanta, Orlando & yet to be known destination) with my sisters. I recently learnt about a stylist in Atlanta by the name ‘Tamika Bell’ and I plan to visit her salon for my length check.

The date went well & it afforded us the opportunity to catch up on our lives. For BFFs who reside in Lagos, we only get to see once each year. One hair product I’ve spent money on is my deep conditioner. Since it’s a weekly do, I end up using a bottle within a month. Now I’m deep in my stretch, I mix ORS & Vitale hair mayonnaise together ending up with softer, fluffier hair. It’s a bit early to decide but I seem to have found what works for me now when stretching.

If you’re eager & impatient like me to get to the next length level, take a deep breath & remember your hair is on a long recovery from all the bad practices you’ve subjected it to over the years. The length will come but strive for health first.

How did your wash day go?

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