Wash day diary




Wash day commenced a bit late as I was tired after driving through the mad traffic yesterday. I got home and slept off.

1. Prepooed with a mix of JBCO and Grapeseed oil (didn’t divide my hair into sections & I paid for my tardiness and laziness in not following my regime).
2. After 2 hours, washed my hair with Ion sulfate free smoothing shampoo ( again, I didn’t divide my hair into sections).
3. Forgot to include my tea rinse & went ahead to apply deep conditioner (which is a mix of JBCO, Grapeseed oil, Roux Porosity control, ORS Replenishing conditioner & Vitale hair mayonnaise). Mixed the whole lot with my sprush and applied. Covered my hair with a shower cap & left it for 2hours.
4. Rinsed out the deep conditioner and wrapped my hair with a cotton towel, leaving it to air dry.
5. Due to my tardiness, I ended up with matted hair since I didn’t section my hair much earlier. Took out my detangling comb & proceeded to divide my hair into 4 sections.
6. Sprayed each section with Mane N’ Tail Detangler (a lifesaver any day, any time), sealed with a mix of JBCO & Grapeseed oil. I carefully detangled each section since Mane N’ Tail gave such great slip.
7. Once I was done detangling, I applied Elasta QP Moisturizing butter & Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum on each section and combed through. Hope you can deduce that from the pictures above. My new growth was easy to comb and that was the amount of hair I shed which was a lot compared to earlier weeks.
I think my hair is ready for a touch up but I’m not. I’ll see what happens next weekend. Then I’ll take a decision to end this stretch or not.

You can see I’ve amassed a lot of new growth but my new mix of deep conditioner has aided my stretch. From today’s wash, I’ve learnt not to omit any step and keep being consistent with my regime so I don’t negate all the hard work I’ve done over the past 8 months.

2 thoughts on “Wash day diary

    • Jan says:

      Thank you so much GH for your kind words. Your blog is amazing and you’re one of the hair bloggers that also inspired me to start this journey.

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