Preventing breakage at demarcation line


Preventing breakage during a long stretch is a delicate process. From the diagram above, you can see the line of demarcation where the texlaxed texture meets bone straight strands. While I’ve been able to manage the new growth and texlaxed hair, the tricky part has been the straight hair strands. Washing & deep conditioning in sections has helped but once my hair is 90% air dry, I usually am more careful by using my fingers to detangle instead of a comb. This helps to prevent tangles due to my bone straight ends. Slathering deep conditioner on my roots and entire length has ensured that my lengths are retained. Before I commenced my hair journey, I usually went to the salon three times a year for touch up. I remember how difficult it was to comb through my new growth since deep conditioning was not a familiar term.

Applying liquid leave-in conditioner such as Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing or Mane N’ Tail Detangler spray to my roots and up to the line of demarcation has ensured minimal loss of hair.

Often times, I’d be wincing when the hair stylist is tugging at my hair with a tail comb and its not surprising I never retained length. Now I’m wiser and more adept. Wash day went well.
How was yours?

Came across this protective style last week and this is how I’ll be wearing my hair this week.


2 thoughts on “Preventing breakage at demarcation line

  1. Health Hair Diary says:

    I have that style saved on pinterest, I have every intention of trying it out once my hair gets longer ūüôā it’s great when you can have a smooth wash day when you are deep into your stretch

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