What not to do on a long stretch

Yesterday, I decided to go through my hair calendar to count the number of weeks I’ve been on this stretch and I made it to the 19th week. Next week will make it a 5month stretch. I have learnt a lot and these are some of the things that have contributed to a successful stretch.

  • Do not comb your new growth when it’s dry: only comb your new growth after deep conditioning. From experience, combing my new growth when it’s wet results in breakage. To avoid this, I have learnt to wait until I’ve completed air drying before combing. Deep conditioning stretches the new growth and makes manipulation easier.
  • Always apply leave-in conditioner to the new growth to prevent dryness: learn to divide your hair into 6 sections and carefully apply leave-in conditioner to the new growth up to the line of demarcation.  This helps to prevent breakage.
  • Keep manipulation of your hair to the barest minimum.
  • Before combing your new growth, cultivate the habit of using a detangler such as ‘Mane N’ Tail Detangler’ and comb in sections.

To other news ladies, your orders will be arriving next week and we will be sending out your individual orders. I have been busy attending to orders. I always say, start small and you’ll learn what works for your hair.

If you have read one of my wash day post, I had spoken about my cousin who had snorted when I commenced my hair journey. However when she saw my hair, she embarked on a journey in March and ordered all the products she required.

Well this is 3months later and this is what her hair looks like now. She grew her hair from arm-pit length to bra strap length. She sent me the picture yesterday & you needed to have seen me jumping up and down. The hub was looking at me like I was kinda loosing it but he couldn’t understand my excitement.


4 thoughts on “What not to do on a long stretch

  1. Nelly says:

    Wow so long, can’t wait to receive my products and I’m sure with time, I will learn about what works for my hair 🙂

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