Wash day diary

Wash day commenced on Friday night. I divided my hair into 5 sections and carefully detangled.

1. Prepoo my hair overnight with Grapeseed oil.
2. Rinsed each section with lukewarm water and shampooed with Ion Sulfate free shampoo.
3. Tea rinsed with green tea & left to dry.
4. Once my hair was 90% dry, I took each section and carefully detangled (green tea is a winner during this long stretch. See the minimal shedding below).


5. Mixed ORS Replenishing conditioner with Roux Porosity control and applied to each section making sure I was generous with my roots (I’ve exhausted my JBCO stash, eagerly awaiting my shipment).
6. Covered my hair with 2 shower caps for 3 hours.
7. Rinsed each section and wrapped my hair with a cotton towel.
8. Once my hair was dry, I sprayed each section with a bit of green tea and sealed with Grapeseed oil. Then I applied Elasta QP Moisturizing Butter and Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum.

To other matters, some of the products I ordered for myself during this import window are pictured below.


Over the past few months, I’ve been using light protein deep conditioners to strengthen my hair strands and I’ve achieved that. Now it’s time to incorporate moisturizing conditioners as well. Strong protein treatments like Aphogee aren’t good for my fine strands as I experience breakage. So I’ve learnt to steer clear of such products and any keratin treatments as well. Some of the changes I’ll be incorporating this week will be the use of green tea as a daily leave-in.
I also added the popular hair trigger elixir as well to my pre poo regimen. Lets see how it goes.


How was your wash day?

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