Length Check for my sister

So my sister went to the salon for a touch up last week Friday. Before leaving for the salon, she coated her hair (from roots to the end) with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Roux Porosity Control & a bit of Chi Silk Infusion to protect her hair from overlapping during the touch up process. You know how it is with our hair salon, they profess to know more than they actually do. I had told her to be watchful through out the entire process and if at anytime she felt they weren’t listening, she should get up and bolt for the car.

However the hair stylist seemed to listen and followed all her directions. She was on a 6 month stretch and prior to this touch up, her last length check was at shoulder length. Well she’s gone from shoulder length to arm pit length and her hair is simply amazing. The hair stylist kept asking what the secret was in terms of her healthy mane of hair. What aided this length retention was weekly deep conditioning, moisturizing and sealing, proper handling when combing and detangling. This aided her in retaining previous length. When she was done, the hair stylist stated there was no pint in trimming her hair as it was even all through. These were the products she used:



Current length:


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