My 5 month old stretch ends by Friday and clearly, it’s been a learning experience. I never thought I could manage my new growth effectively with my relaxed ends but I did this successfully. I learnt the art of proper detangling, washing in sections, weekly tea rinse and using it as a daily leave-in.There were times when I thought to myself ‘what’s the whole point of this journey thingy anyway’? ‘what if I never reach my desired length or retain it’? The motivating point for me has been the number of hair inspirations I’ve read about online and the success I’ve achieved seeing those close to me achieving their hair length dreams and it’s kept me focused on my journey. Hope you’re inspired this morning with these quotes:


My scalp has been itchy of late and this is as a result of not clarifying last wash day. I finally got my hands on travel sized containers for my upcoming vacation and I’ve been setting aside what I’ll need on this trip bearing in mind that I’ll be purchasing more products. I’ll be going for a touch up at the salon on Friday.

If you’re currently stretching and need more tips on how to handle your new growth, I came across this video from Shimahair21 who’s got gorgeous hair by the way and you can learn one or two things.

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