Verdict is in…

My 5month stretch ended today at 21 weeks and it was a learning experience no doubt. The most amazing thing during the touch up today was the result I got after texlaxing my hair. Earlier in the week I had written on the need to motivate ourselves during this hair journey. Now I understand how important it is to seal your hair with any essential oil before or after applying leave-in conditioner. You’re practically saving your ends that way. By wearing protective styles, all that hard work pays in the amount of length you actually retain.

Once I got back from the office yesterday, I brought out my detangling comb, Chi Silk Infusion, Grapeseed oil, Hair Trigger Elixir & Roux Porosity Control Corrector and Conditioner. I proceeded to divide my hair into 5 sections and carefully detangled before applying a mix of Grapeseed Oil and Hair Trigger to coat my hair from roots to the end paying special attention to the ends. Secondly, I applied Roux Porosity on each section and finished with Chi Silk Infusion focusing on my ends to avoid overlapping during the relaxer process.

By 9a.m. this morning, I was at the salon for a touch up. I instructed the guy who was going to do the touch up on how to handle my hair and watched him all through. Furthermore, I also gave him my sprush to apply relaxer to my new growth only and I was firm with him during the process and told him not to comb the new growth but to massage the growth with his hands. It took him like 12minutes to apply the relaxer and I waited for another 2minutes extra and told him to wash it off. Once I washed it off, I applied Roux Porosity to my texlaxed hair and waited for 5minutes before instructing him to rinse it off. Once he made a move to dry my hair the old way, I grabbed the towel from his hands and carefully blotted excess water from my hair. Then I mixed the hair trigger with ORS Replenishing Pak inside the kit and applied the deep conditioner mix to my hair with my sprush. I covered my hair with a shower cap and sat under the dryer for 30minutes before leaving my hair to cool for another 30minutes making an hour. Once I was done, I removed the shower cap and for a moment thought my hair was bone straight since it looked so flat in the mirror.

I was angry at myself and went ahead to rinse the deep conditioner out. Once I was done, he made a move to comb my hair and I told him ‘hell no’. I’ve got fine hair and you cannot comb it when it’s wet as it’s fragile. So I proceeded to blot out the excess water with a cotton towel and divided my hair into sections. I applied a little bit of Chi Silk Infusion, sealed my ends with a mix of Grapeseed Oil & Hair Trigger Elixir. I told him to blow dry my hair at medium temperature. At no point in time did I allow him to comb my hair and once he was done, I checked the mirror and voila, found out my hair was beautifully texlaxed and I retained looser wavy curls. I was jumping up and down in excitement but what tripped me was the volume and fullness of my hair after a 5month stretch. It was completely unbelievable. I proceeded to straighten but had to abort as the plates on his straightener were completely fried. Some years back, I’d have allowed him but not now when I’m wiser. I brought out my seam free comb and carefully combed my hair. I’ll put up pictures next week once I’ve done my length check but from what I see, it’s BSB (below shoulder blade) baby.

So I’m embarking on another 5month stretch which will end at 22 weeks in December before touching up. BSL (bra strap length) is attainable this year.


Snapped pictures of the looser wavy curls I retained and will put it up as well during the week. For now I’m simply enjoying my hair out for today. Went to the bank from the salon and everyone kept asking me ‘is this your hair?’


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