Reader’s Q&A

Q&AQ: What does it take to grow my hair from bra strap to waist length? Patience, patience and more patience is required for long hair. However for you to grow long hair, you have to consider the current state of your hair. Begin with a goal of having healthy hair by committing to a consistent hair regime which should include, weekly deep conditioning, daily moisturizing and sealing with natural oils, protective styling and other practices I explained in my earlier post. Once you’ve gotten the hang of this, your hair becomes healthy and eventually, the length will come.

Q: Does dusting my hair make it grow? Remember hair does not grow from your ends. Hair grows from the roots or scalp and therefore, you cannot grow your hair by dusting regularly. What dusting does is to improve the appearance of your hair ends. To avoid straggly and thin ends, keep your hair ends from clothing fabric that strip moisture from your ends resulting in breakage and split ends. Also learn to seal your ends with natural oils such as Grapeseed oil, Castor Oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil.

Q: Can I use roux porosity control with my deep conditioner? Yes you can as Roux porosity helps your hair (natural or relaxed) to absorb and retain moisture better. This conditioner is specially formulated to combat porosity issues. The hydrolyzed silk protein can patch up any damage in the cuticle that would otherwise open the door to moisture loss. The addition of humectants helps to attract moisture to the porous strands while the combination of anti static agents reduces issues associated with rough hair shaft, static electricity and difficult detangling. When using roux porosity with your deep conditioner, only use 2 tbsp.

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