Mid-week Moisture

20130623-163357.jpgTo keep my hair in top shape and ensure it remains moisturized throughout the week, I spray my hair lightly with green tea, crosswrap my hair and use my satin bonnet once I’m off to sleep. I discover once I wake up, my hair is moisturized and I do not need to keep sealing with oils and Giovanni leave-in on alternate days.

For work, my hair is always in an updo during the week and I usually find that my hair in the middle is often dry. Moisturizing and sealing on alternate days did not address this issue cos by the following day, I had to repeat the method again.I haven’t had the time to incorporate co-wash on a regular basis as part of my regime and had to find alternative means to address mid-week dryness.

To prevent product build up, I decided to start using green tea as a leave-in to improve the moisture content of my hair. So my routine is as follows:

Saturday is my wash day

Sunday: I lightly spray my hair with green tea & seal with Grapeseed oil

Monday: I repeat the same process

Tuesday: Moisture and seal with Giovanni leave-in & Grapeseed oil

Wednesday: Lightly spray my hair with green tea

Thursday: Repeat the same process

Friday: Prepoo with JBCO & Grapeseed oil





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