My Summer Buy – Clip in extension

I’ve been pondering on what to buy for myself this summer hols. One of the few rewards I’ve penciled down is clip in hair extension and wigs. My next touch up is December and in my search for protective styling aids, I’ve decided to indulge in these items.

For clip in extensions, I wanted a single pack that will be adequate for my hair and quality was also an important consideration. I searched high and low till I came across the “Luxy Hair” range developed by two sisters who desired something different than what was previously obtainable. On their website, they’ve uploaded videos and pictures of what each extensions look like and gram size as well.



They’ll be useful for my 5 month stretch.

2 thoughts on “My Summer Buy – Clip in extension

    • Jan says:

      Hi Emprezz,

      That’s why I really think I’ll need one for my stretches. To tackle my new growth, I’ve decided that when I moisturize my new growth, I’ll be sure to apply same to the extensions to prevent friction against my NG. Will let you know how it goes.

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