July Import Window – Open

package importLadies it’s that time of the month and its’ been long overdue based on the queries I’ve received so far. Y’all can send in your product requests for July.

How does it work?

Based on your hair requirement, kindly send in a list of the items you’d like to order for and I’ll revert back with the prices and mode of payment. Once payment notification is received, your orders will be placed immediately. Due to the fact that I’ll be away on vacation, it’ll afford me the opportunity to purchase these items on your behalf and bring them back with me rather than having to wait for the cargo companies to ship them in.

So when will my orders arrive?

If this question is running through your mind, I’ll be back by 23rd of August and your products will be delivered once I get back. Kindly note that I will only be able to make purchases for ladies who pay on time before I leave as I won’t be able to attend to emails once I leave. This time allowance gives me time to process orders for products such as Hair Trigger Elixir, Qhemet Biologics, Knot Sauce, NJoy Sulfur Hair Growth Oil, Bee Mine Deep Conditioners, Darcy’s Botanicals, Vanilla Silk Dreams, Jane Carter, Komaza Care Califia and a whole host of other individual manufacturers.

These individual manufacturers usually take 3-5days to process orders and once you factor in transit and delivery timelines, some products might not arrive on time. To forestall this and not leave anyone out, that’s why I’ve opened up the import window this early. Please note that the import window closes by July 23rd to give me time to process forex e.t.c.

How do I place my order?

Simply fill in the form below and I’ll revert with required information for each individual order.

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