Wash Day Diary

Wash day commenced on Saturday afternoon. Commenced with a prepoo session.

1. Applied Hair Trigger on my scalp & JBCO on my hair making sure my ends were coated as well.
2. Opted for an hot oil treatment by sitting under my Gold N Hot heat cap. I’m on a TLC Nape challenge till year end. To get maximum benefits from the steaming session, I lean my head against the chair so my nape can obtain great benefits from the heat session.

3. Washed my hair with Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo in section and applied my tea rinse (green tea).
4. Deep conditioned with a mix of ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Roux Porosity & JBCO. Sat under the heat cap for 30 minutes and allowed it to cool off before rinsing out.


5. Sealed with Grapeseed oil, Giovanni leave-in and Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum and decided to opt for Bantu knots.

To other matters, after chasing her round the house for 3 weeks, she finally agreed to a co-wash. If you haven’t met my niece, it’s a piece of work getting her to wash her hair. My go to products for her was a mix ORS Hair Mayonnaise & JBCO. Rinsed it off after two hours and sealed with Grapeseed oil & Giovanni leave-in.


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