A dreamboard for your hair journey



What is a Dreamboard? A dreamboard is a place where you put all your dreams on a board. Your dreamboard can consist of either popular quotes you identify or a collage of pictures.What a dreamboard does for you is to project your innermost desires which keeps you motivated and inspired.

My dream board usually keeps me happy anytime I see it and its’ kept in vantage points where I can see it (ranges from my closet to my living room and on my ipad as well). A dream board brings together visual collections of your life’s dreams whatever they might be. It’s a board you should frequently glance at to help you achieve whatever dreams you might be aspiring towards. However, your dream board is not a place to incite envy or berate yourself for things you don’t have currently. Your dream board must consist of your dreams alone and no other person. It’s about you and not the next person if you catch my drift.

For my hair journey, I’ve got different collage of hair lengths I want to achieve from different hair bloggers I admire. For me I want to pursue health so that I achieve length. By having a dream board, it reminds me of how far I’ve come and shows what the future of my hair will look like.

What’s your dream board like?

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