Wheat Germ

I’ve been reading up on the healthy benefits of Wheat Germ oil for the hair and I decided to conduct a little bit of research on the matter. Wheat germ oil is a natural plant oil that is derived from a small embryo found inside the wheat kernel. It has several healthy properties that’s beneficial for the hair. Wheat germ oil contains more fatty acids that are longer than that found in other oils such as coconut oil. This is the reason why it nourishes and conditions the hair. Furthermore its’ got the capability to repair damaged hair at a faster rate and prevent further hair loss.

wheat germWheat germ oil has a healthy dose of vitamin B which promotes the formation and growth of new hair tissues. It promotes hair growth without any side effects. Nowadays more deep conditioners contain this healthy oil and one I’ve recently tried is the BPT Wheat Germ deep conditioner which provides great slip for your hair. A fantastic product which has been pre-ordered by some ladies on this page.

conditionerImage source: Google

2 thoughts on “Wheat Germ

  1. Kim (@fancyflairlady) says:

    I’ve always wanted to try wheat germ oil. It’s one of those things I never seem to get around to. But I know once I do, I will love it. It’s got so many great benefits and you’re right — a lot of hair products now contain it in some form. Great post!

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