Readers’ Q&A


Q: Does hairfinity vitamin thicken your hair and do you experience shedding as a result of taking it?

A: Based on the reviews I’ve read online, seems Hairfinity delivers on hair thickening. However I’m lazy when it comes to popping pills and cannot provide a personal review on this (I use GNC Ultra Nourish presently and I’m yet to exhaust 120 capsules after 6months). I have also read in some quarters about ladies experiencing shedding once they stopped taking Hairfinity. Whether this is true or not largely depends on personal lines. The most important thing on your hair journey is to eat healthy, take proper care of your ends through daily moisturizing and sealing. Use essential oils and you’ll begin to retain length.

Q: Does Roux Porosity Control help your deep conditioner to work better?

A: If you have taken the porosity test, you should know how porous your hair is. If you have not, follow these steps to find out:

> Start with freshly washed hair

> Capture your shed strand(s) and place in a bowl of water. Allow to sit for 5minutes at most.

> If your hair stays on top, you’ve got low porosity which means that your hair cuticles are tight and repel moisture. This is why you might feel certain products just sit on your hair without penetrating.

> If your hair stays in the middle of the glass, then you have normal porosity hair which means that your hair cuticles open and close in way to help your hair maintain the right amount of moisture and aids penetration easily.

> If your hair strands sink to the bottom of the glass, you’ve got high porosity hair which means your hair cuticles absorbs moisture quickly without having the ability to retain the moisture as well due to open or raised cuticles.

What Roux Porosity does is to ensure your hair maintain a proper ph level of 4.5-5.5. Proper ph levels can be achieved by using Roux Porosity Control to acidify the hair. It compacts the hair cuticle leaving them flat and constricted.

Q: Which detangling product do you recommend during a stretch?

A: Mane N’ Tail Detangler as it also doubles as a leave-in conditioner for me during a long stretch. I also use it for mid-week moisture as well. How do I use it? I simply spray generously on my hair and leave it to dry out and work its magic. It gives great slip without resulting in breakage.

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