So my first travel stop was Houston, Texas and after some few days, my hair was dry. The only hair products I took with me on this trip were: Mane N’ Tail Detangler, Giovanni leave-in & my mix of Grapeseed oil and JBCO.

I was a bit undecided about washing my hair. So I decided to give myself a treat by going back to the salon where my hair journey commenced. When I got there, I was told the hair stylist I used will not be available till yesterday and I decided to wait. By 12.30a.m, I was at the salon and she was waiting. So I told her I will be deep conditioning my hair since it was dry and frizzy. Oh by the way, her name is Tracy and the name of the salon is stated below:

The Halcyon Spa
Saks Fifth Avenue @ The Galleria
5115, Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas.

I commenced by throwing on a smock as pictured below

Then she washed my hair with Kerastase Moisture Shampoo (hope I got that right cos it was simply divine). I was left with soft and supple hair. She deep conditioned with a product from Kerastase (the caviar treatment) pictured below

She applied a few drops of the black granules (referred to as caviar) to the cream, mixed and applied to my hair. I then proceeded to steam my hair in the pictures below


As you can see, this is not your average kind of hair steamer. This has a flat round shape and slowly revolves around your hair and ensures no section is left uncovered unlike what we have back home. Spent the next few minutes pondering on shoes and other things to buy



The cool thing about this steaming machine is once your allotted time is almost up, it emits cool air which revolves round your hair including your nape ( that’s the first time a steamer has ensured full coverage for my nape).
I came out and Tracy removed the shower cap and voila, I was left with supple, shiny and healthy mane. She rinsed it out and proceeded to roller set. I was happy at the roller set and booked a second appointment.
I’m sorry the pictures did not come out looking great as I was in a hurry to commence shopping.

So if you ever find your way on this side of town, be sure to check the salon out.

To other news based on the large number of orders received, the first batch of shipment leaves tomorrow. Happy hair growing!!





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