Hair Regimen Change

Ladies, the best thing about traveling is the opportunity to experience new things. I’ve been experimenting with new products and my regimen is definitely changing. Remember how I told you Aphogee Protein treatment was too harsh for my fine strands and how I could not incorporate it. Well I have found another product below which is suitable for my hair and it’s none other than Aubrey Organics Protein Balancing Conditioner (this product does not not contain the mineral elements that Aphogee has).

aubrey organicsFor my prepoo sessions, I’ll also be incorporating the following range of products from Shea Moisture pictured below. I’ll be doing a product review once I’m back to the country.

shea moistureshea moisture balancing conditionerThe balancing conditioner is recommended as a prepoo and reviews about this has been impressive. Last but not least is a product a reader on this blog requested I purchase (her name is F). At the start of my hair journey, I had heard about Njoy Sulfur Growth Mix and if you have been to her website, she’s not shy about divulging the ingredients for her mix. She grew her hair from shoulder length to waist length within a year. So between F and I, we thought about buying the ingredients and mixing it up ourselves before discarding that idea to placing an order on Njoy’s website. So hair trigger will have to take a backseat while I use this mix for the last lap of the year. So far so good, I haven’t experienced dryness of any sort cos application has been on my scalp alone (ladies who preferred to mix the ingredients themselves complained about the drying effects of sulfur). I guess that’s why F & I decided to take the easy way out so as not to bungle up the mixing process.

njoy sulfurnjoyThat’s the bottle clearly shown in the picture above. Almost forgot to include my new comb from Hercules Sageman. The pictures online don’t do this comb justice. It’s really big and makes detangling a breeze.

herculesFor protective styling, I’m wigging all the way…got myself this lace front wig beauty for N10,000 only.


What other products am I adding to my regimen? I’ll let you know as the days go by.

Happy hair growing ladies.

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