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Some time ago, I read a post on FancyFlair’s blog about the need to have a hair twin on your journey. Basically an hair twin is someone who has similar or the same hair texture as yours so you can share your knowledge with each other. With your hair twin, you can be sure that what works for her will surely work for you. Apart from having a hair twin which I subscribe to, you also need the company of someone who’s willing to take a wild ride on this journey with you. Someone who’s not afraid to experiment new products and try out new techniques.

Well I have found that person in F. She’s a client but at the same time she’s also someone I can share my hair experiences with and the beauty of the relationship we have is that we ask each other questions when we’re stuck about procedures we truly don’t comprehend. By sharing what we know with each other, we have been the better for it. Some few days ago, I had sent F an email asking her if she was experiencing any sort of itching after using NJoy Sulfur growth cos I like to use whatever I’m selling to clients to be in a better position to advise. She replied she was experiencing the same thing and suggested we go online to search if other ladies were having the same experience. I responded likewise and told her I’ll send a mail to Njoy to seek her opinion and within 30mintues I got a response from NJoy which you can read below:

Thanks for the feedback Jan! Glad to hear that you and your clients are njoy’g the oil. As for the itching. A mild itch is often a sign of growth. Increased circulation in the scalp and activity in the follicles can give an itchy sensation. Especially so during a growth spurt. But to be sure, make sure that the scalp gets a regular cleansing. Even though the oil doesn’t cause build up, shed cells, sweat and dirt from the atmosphere may begin to obstruct the pores and cause an itching sensation as your growth tries to push thru. Regular massaging of the scalp usually prevents this, however.

I do believe you’re feeling a growth spurt with the itching. One other thing, if you were experiencing an intense itch with redness and swelling, that could be an allergic reaction to the sulfur in the formula. But this would’ve happened with the first application. And hopefully you did a patch test first. It’s not likely that you develop a sensitivity after a week’s use but, just want to mention that so that you can inform your customers. Please keep me posted with your results. And don’t forget to take pics at regular intervals so that you can see how much growth you’re getting. Thanks again.

I posted her response here so ladies who have purchased their own bottles can join us on this ride as well cos I know they will also have questions regarding itching. Today, F has suggested another technique called the ‘inversion technique’. How that works, I’ll let you know. By December, F will be posting her product review on NJoy Sulfur Growth and one other product she knows about.

So Ladies, get yourself a twin to join you on this ride.

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