Wash day diary


1. Divided my hair into 4 sections and carefully detangled with my Hercules Sagemann Rake Comb.
2. Prepoo’d with Njoy Prepoo & Moisture seal oil. Went under my heat cap for an hour.
3. Washed my hair in sections with Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo. Left the shampoo on for about a minute to ensure the sulfate ingredients strip all product build up residue. Rinsed in sections and applied my Ion Smoothing conditioner which I left for about 2minutes before rinsing.
4. Wrapped a cotton towel around my hair for 30minutes to absorb the wetness. Thereafter, I carefully detangled each section and sprayed my hair liberally with green tea (I used 4tea bags today…why? Just wanted to) while making sure I massaged my scalp.
5. I was going to use Silk Dreams Vanilla Moisture but while going through my product sash, I discovered I still had a huge jar of Vitale Hair Mayonnaise & ORS Replenishing Conditioner. So I’ve decided to exhaust this stash before moving onto other products.
6. In an empty jar, I mixed Vitale Hair Mayonnaise, Roux Porosity Control, ORS Replenishing, 3drops of pure peppermint oil & castor oil. Mixed together with my sprush and applied to each section. Covered my hair with a shower cap and went under my heat cap for an hour.

7. Once my time was up, I removed the heat cap and left my hair to cool for another 15minutes before rinsing out. Wrapped my hair with a cotton towel for 30minutes.
8. Sealed with Jojoba oil & Biolage Advanced Matrix leave-in. Ended up with soft fluffy hair.
9. Braided my hair into one big chunk since I’ll be wigging throughout the week as I’ve gotten more growth with the use of Njoy Sulfur Growth oil.

That’s my wig in action last week.

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