Product Review – Afro Angel Organics


During my vacation, I was opportune to meet an enterprising young woman by the name Paulette Aibinuomo (yes she’s a Nigerian raised and bred in Tennessee). I was invited to a barbecue party and while we were introducing ourselves, I got to know she makes organic hair product for natural and relaxed hair sisters.

gray dress

So I told my cousin that I’m interested in stocking her products but I had to try it out first before I could introduce her range of products to ladies who are interested. We got talking and she shared her plans for future business growth and expansion which I found interesting given her colorful character. She’s got this joy and openness about life that might be a bit overwhelming upon meeting her but over time, she just grows on you. I ended up informing her about this blog (yes, i will be interviewing her soon…we are trying to work out a time frame that works for both of us). Okay let me get to the sample products I was given to try out which I used for my niece….

Purifying Black Angel Shampoo Rinse (8oz). Ingredients: real organic black soap, water, vegetable glycerin, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, jasmine oil, flax seed oil, lavender soap, lemon oil.

Reviews: This shampoo is chock filled with all kinds of essential oils and its’ not the kind of shampoo that lathers a lot due to the oil but it does a great job of cleaning my niece’s natural mane without stripping the her hair of moisture. The first time I used it for her, we ended up using a lot on her hair wondering why it wasn’t lathering but after going back to the ingredients listed on the bottle, I realized we were comparing this shampoo with other commercial shampoo out there. The fantastic thing about this shampoo is the fact that it made her hair more manageable, soft and fluffy. Did I also mention that not once did she scream that soap was hurting her eyes..she was completely relaxed throughout the whole process considering the kind of mind battles we used to engage in before washing her hair.

Angel Mist Leave in Conditioner (8oz). Ingredients: Water, rose water, vegetable glycerin, peppermint oil, jasmine oil, lemon oil and orange oil.

Reviews: After washing her hair, we spray this mist liberally over her hair before applying the heavenly butter hair cream. On days when her hair is dry, we spray as well and her strands are moisturized. It has made combing and styling much easier for a 2year old girl with bra-strap length hair (that’s her current length now). Detangling sessions are more easier to do now as she hardly shouts or winces in pain. She sits quietly all through the process and I wonder if its’ not the same girl I once knew.

Heavenly Hair Butter Cream. Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, flax seed butter, olive oil, secret essential oil blend, secret herbal blend to promote growth and manageability.

Review: This hair butter ranks amongst the best I’ve used for my relaxed mane so you can imagine what it felt like to use it on my niece’s hair. Her hair gobbled and lapped up the moisture oozing out from this butter. I’ll try to snap actual pictures but let me describe it. If you watch Food Network regularly, especially the baking classes…you know the perfect souffle or mix that occurs after mixing egg whites and sugar together. Well this is what this butter cream looks like. It’s soft, light and airy…a little goes a long way. Once you scoop a bit in your palms, it’s like grainy pieces of sugar but it melts completely upon application and leaves her hair soft and fluffy. Often times, I scoop a bit onto my hands and run through my hair when I’m using it on her hair. Once she spots me doing that, there’s a scolding session that follows with my niece taking me to task for using her products.

Sour Cupid Lemongrass Pomade. Ingredients: It’s a SECRET….but you will not be disappointed (useful for ladies with teeny weeny afro or sporting a short do, or want to keep your locks in place or your edges in check).

Review: We haven’t used this yet as her hair is longer than a teeny weeny afro. I’ll give a review once we use it.

The most interesting thing about these products is the way and manner my niece has taken to them. Her wash day sessions are now weekly instead of every 3weeks. She’s active about it since she likes the products and keeps them locked away in her moms drawer. Once it’s Saturday, she brings them out and walks down to the bathroom to announce “It’s time to deep condition”. So this is me reviewing this product on behalf of my niece. See her hair below and have a great weekend ladies!!





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