Wash day diary @ 11weeks


1. On Friday night I commenced my prepoo session by covering my hair with 2 shower caps and went off to sleep. Notice I didn’t apply any oils. In the course of the week, I’d saturated my hair with NJoy Sulfur growth oil so my hair was oily and I didn’t see the need for applying more oils.
2. Once I woke up, I proceeded to wash my hair in 4 sections with Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo, rinsed and used Ion smoothing conditioner which I left for 3 minutes.
3. Once time was up, I rinsed it out and left my hair to dry completely before detangling in sections. I sprayed each section lightly with my green tea & proceeded to apply the deep conditioner mix.
4. My deep conditioner mix today consisted of BPT Wheat Germ Conditioner, Roux Porosity Control, Green Tea, 3 drops of peppermint oil and a liberal dash of JBCO as seen in the picture above. I mixed with a sprush before applying to each section.
5. I covered my hair with 3 shower caps and left it on for 3 hours before rinsing it out.
6. Wrapped my hair with a cotton towel for 30 minutes to absorb all wetness. Once my hair was 80% dry, I proceeded to seal in moisture with jojoba oil, applying to each section. Next I applied Biolage Advanced Matrix Leave-in & Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum (which I had to use today since I planned on blow drying as a result of the rapid growth I’ve got from the sulfur oil). This Dominican deep conditioner is the bomb..gave great slip and my hair was really moisturised.
7. Blow dried my hair using the tension method on cool air. I also applied Njoy Sulfur growth to my scalp and ended up with soft and fluffy hair. Detangling was a breeze as I shed very minimal strands ( must be due to the green tea infusion). I’m wearing my hair out today…no buns or cross wrapping till tomorrow.


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