Long Hair is a Responsibility & not a Right


If you’re at that stage where you’re constantly experiencing single strand knots, split ends, damaged hair shafts and other hair issues you can think of, then it’s time to get serious. According to researchers, if your hair is past your shoulders, (this makes the length of your hair from root to tip 16inches..just imagine that) then your ends are 3years old. Yeap! I said it..so close your eyes and let what I just stated sink into your consciousness. Think of all the damage they have been exposed to ranging from the harsh weather, relaxers, uninformed hair stylists, using the wrong products, piling on the heat, bad hair practices hair colour treatments (I don’t even want to get to that) and the worst culprit…excessive combing.

What you have inadvertently done over the course of 3years is allow these damaging practices to chip away at your hair cuticle resulting in frizzy, brittle hair that is prone to more breakage. So you can imagine how incredible it is that you’ve still got hair on your head. You need to know that it’s not a miracle for ladies who have been able to achieve luscious locks. Using the right type of products and styling practices ensures you maintain and sustain a healthy mane of hair.

First, whenever you wash your hair, try to give your scalp a good massage instead of scrubbing your hair strands. Your scalp is the one with the build-up not your hair. Massaging your head stimulates your hair follicles for growth because it boosts blood flow to your roots. Your hair is fragile when it is wet because your hair absorbs 45% of its own weight in this state causing it to stretch 2% and 20% wider. So be very gentle and desist from using very hot water (for ladies who patronize Lagos salons…kindly stop the hair stylists from using hot water to wash your scalp and hair). Using hot water frequently opens up your hair shaft and causes frizz. Adopt the habit of using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as it allows your hair remain soft and manageable.

Once you’re done washing, always blot-dry your hair with a cotton towel or T-shirt. Kindly desist from rubbing your hair…be very gentle and remember that your hair is fragile in this state. Learn to use a detangling spray from your roots to your ends and use a wide free seam comb to gently remove tangles. During detangling, always start from your ends…at no point should you start combing from the roots. IF you do so, it’ll result in breakage. Your hair needs constant TLC (tender, loving care). Stay away from heat and if you must use heat, use it sparingly at low heat levels. Do not go at full blast so you don’t damage your ends.

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