Wash day diary

20130914-170807.jpg1. Commenced prepoo with Hair Trigger Elixir which I applied to my scalp and coated each section. Covered my hair with 2 shower caps and went to bed.

2. Washed my hair with Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo (I finally exhausted the bottle I had been using last year). I had to buy another one as I’ve had great experience using this brand of sulfate free shampoo. I always end up with soft, fluffy hair each time I use this shampoo. Once I was done with the shampoo, I applied my Ion Keratin Smoothing Conditioner and left it on for 3minutes.

3. Rinsed out the conditioner and proceeded to spray my hair liberally with green tea. Left it to dry for half an hour before applying my deep conditioner mix.

4. My deep conditioner mix consisted of Roux Porosity Control, Peppermint Oil (5drops), Jojoba oil, Vitale Hair Mayonnaise and a bit of ORS Replenishing Conditioner. Applied with my sprush in sections and covered with a shower cap. Sat under my heat cap for 30minutes and left to cool for 15mintues before rinsing out.

5. So far, I’ve had positive experience using the Gold n Hot heat cap and it has reduced the amount of time I spend on deep conditioning. Wrapped my hair with a cotton towel and left it on for 20minutes to absorb all wetness.

6. Once my hair was damp, I sealed by using jojoba oil, Biolage Advanced Matrix Fibrestrong and Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. Applied Njoy Sulfur mix to my scalp and massaged my scalp.

7. I plan to cornrow my hair into 5 big sections since I’ll be wigging during the week. Cornrow gives me the freedom to reduce manipulation to the barest minimum and apply my sulfur mix on alternate days.


How was your wash day?


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