Successful Airdrying


Airdrying is a tad difficult to master at the start of your hair journey. When I commenced my hair journey, successful airdrying was accomplished with the aid of my hair dryer (on cool though using the tension method). However, since then I have gone ahead to learn the intricacies involved in smoother airdrying.

1. When washing your hair, please rinse with cold water as it closes your hair cuticles and reduces frizz.

2. Detangle your hair with a wide seam free comb.

3. Try and avoid using too many leave-in products as you end up with clumps as less is actually more.

4. Once you are done washing your hair, soak up excess water with a cotton T-shirt or towel and do not rub your hair in the process of drying.  Just let it be!

5. Use a smoothing serum like Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum to prevent frizz and it leaves you with smoother hair.

6. Learn to finger comb your hair once your hair is almost dry.

7. Try not to touch your hair until it’s completely dry as you’ll be left with smoother results.

Happy Independence Day to my Nigerian Ladies!

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