Readers’ Q&A

Q&AQ: How do I deal with hair breakage?

For starters, you should try to limit the manipulation of your hair. Try to avoid heat styling and blow-drying as much as possible, and excessive brushing or combing on an everyday basis. In addition to giving your hair, and body, the nutrition it needs to be healthy, you have to choose the right products that will repair your hair in its fragility.

You want to find products with gentle, natural ingredients that are formulated for your hair texture. Avoid getting confused by products that contain mineral oil, which sounds natural, but is actually harsh and drying to hair. Most importantly, use products that were made for YOUR hair type. If you have finer hair, you should go for clear shampoos- try to abstain from using the creamy kind – they’ll weigh your hair down with product, and won’t lock in true moisture to prevent breakage. If you have curlier, fuller hair that tends to get drier, frequent conditioning should be a part of your regular hair regimen.

Q: Is kerapro intensive treatment good for relaxed hair?

A: This is a review from a client who has used this product. “KeraPro products, BABY, let me tell YOU, I’m in HEAVEN, my hair is sooooooo darn soft it didn’t feel like it was real. Let me explain; put a fresh relaxer in my hair a few days ago; today, I dampened my hair, applied the KeraPro intense treatment, let it sit in my hair for about 15 mins; washed out, applied the KeraPro conditioner, let sit on hair for about 5 mins; washed out in cool water. Then applied foaming wrap lotion, wrapped my hair, sprayed the One-N-Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment on hair; let air dry about 60% of the way; proceeded to blow dry hair dry; put some of the KeraPro Elixir on my hair massaged it in, when I say SOFT, BABY, I didn’t think my hair could ever be this darn soft. You talking about MOVEMENT, honey I had it!!!!!!!I really don’t use shampoos, only to clarify my hair, other than that, co-washing.”

Q: Is it good for me to mix peppermint oil with coconut oil, tea tree oil and jojoba oil for African hair?
A: Yes you can


Q: Does texlaxed hair break?

A: Going from relaxed hair (fully processed) to texlaxed hair (intentionally under processed) is pretty simple, and is really one of the best things you can do for your relaxed hair. Leaving in a bit of extra texture helps reduce hair breakage and improves your hair’s elasticity.

At your next relaxer, simply base your hair with an oil of your choice from root to tip. This will protect your relaxed ends from additional processing from relaxer run-off and it will give a buffer to your new growth that will slow down the relaxing process.  Adding oil to your relaxer cream, as well as, processing the hair for a shorter length of time will also help you safely move from fully processed hair, to just slightly under processed (or texlaxed) hair.

Depending on how under processed you decide to go, there may be a big texture differential (line of demarcation) that you’ll need to contend with. As with any transitioning hair, you’ll need to handle you hair with care to avoid breakage.


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