Wash day diary

Products used: Peppermint oil, Sunny Isle Castor oil, Mane N Tail Detangler, Kanechom Acai deep conditioner, Biolage Advanced Matrix Fibrestrong, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, Ion Keratin Smoothing conditioner & Chi Silk Infusion.

1. Commenced by detangling in sections with Mane N Tail Detangler (this is the go to product when you’re on a long stretch) works its magic on tangled strands.
2. Applied JBCO to my scalp & coated my lengths with it. Covered my hair with a shower cap, satin bonnet.
3. In the morning, I washed in sections with Suave Clarifying shampoo, rinsed and applied Ion Smoothing conditioner. Waited for 2 minutes before rinsing off.
4. Wrapped my hair in cotton towel for 10 minutes before spraying my green tea mix liberally in sections. Left to dry out completely before applying my deep conditioner mix.


I was a bit spoilt for choice on which of the Kanechom conditioners I’ll use but at the end of the day, I decided on Kanechom Acai deep conditioner. This deep conditioner contains a lot of fruit extracts and is deeply moisturizing.

As you can see in the picture above, the jar is filled to the brim and if you’re not careful when opening it, it’ll result in a spill. Ladies, a little of this goes a long way. I scooped and mixed it with Roux Porosity, JBCO & Peppermint oil and proceeded to apply in sections. Immediately I was struck about how my hair absorbed this mix and I got instant slip at once cos I was able to finger comb my hair from ends to root as the conditioner resolved all tangle issues. I can’t rave enough about the kind of slip I got till you try it out yourself.
Anyway, I covered my hair with a shower cap & left it on for an hour (PHCN) had done their thing.
5. After an hour, rinsed off the mix and this was the result I got…beautiful defined hair. I couldn’t be more pleased.
6. Proceeded to seal in moisture with jojoba oil & Biolage matrix advanced fibre strong. Applied Chi Silk infusion in section and blow dried using the tension method.

Pictures are below. I’m wearing my hair out today. My hairs’ thickness is amazing.




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