Readers’ Q&A


Q: How do I know I’m on the right track once I’ve commenced my hair journey?

A: I’ll answer your question by using myself as an example. When I commenced my journey, I had limp, flat hair that was prone to breakage even though it was shoulder length. I commenced my hair journey by conducting endless research online through various blogs and YouTube videos without initial success. I had often seen ladies touting the use of eggs and mayonnaise for effective home conditioning treatment. I decided to try it out and ended up with excessive breakage. I had to go back online and search for other methods that had proven successful and that’s how I stumbled on hair blogs and decided to incorporate their regimen.

At the start of your journey, results won’t be immediate due to the unhealthy practices you’ve subjected your hair to in the past. At some point you might even feel your hair isn’t responding to deep conditioning, moisture & sealing but guess what… It’s actually working. It took a minimum of 3 months before I began to see improvement and the first area to note was the texture of my hair as it thickened up. As the months went by, I noticed my hair was getting thicker as well. While my initial focus was achieving length and I must confess I was quite anxious to get to my goal but at some point along my journey, I discovered the well being of my hair had increased dramatically. I remember spending several hours online wondering when my buns would be as luscious and gorgeous like the ones I saw online. The results eventually came but it was due to consistent adherence to a weekly regimen, observing the products that worked and I never missed up on my deep conditioning sessions as it resulted in softer, dense new growth which you can see in the recent pictures below:



I noticed that when I achieved a healthy mane of hair, I began to see increased growth which led to increased retention as well. So stay the course and you’ll see results.

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