Readers’ Q&A

20131020-142918.jpgQ: What relaxer did you start with and what do you use currently?

A: Let me start with a little confession. I’ve been natural for a larger part of my life. From childhood till I turned 22, I was completely natural. So when I took the decision to relax my hair, I started off with Revlon and suffered from scalp burns frequently (guess my scalp was sensitive to that and decided to chuck it out). Then I moved on to Dark & Lovely relaxer kit. Over the years, I noticed my hair was thinning out and since I wasn’t sure if it was the composition in Dark & Lovely, I made the switch to ORS no lye kit and have stuck with it ever since. I stuck with this relaxer cos I didn’t lose a lot of volume since I touched up only 3times a year (think this was the only healthy practice I stuck to before I knew anything about hair journey).

I also love the fact that if you desire texlaxed hair, then this is the relaxer to use as it under processes your hair texture without adding natural oils to the mix.

Q: Having fine hair, how do I stretch my hair for 21 weeks?

Making the big decision to stretch your hair for longer periods can be a bit tricky for anyone out there. For a successful stretch, be careful with manipulation and ensure you deep condition regularly as it keeps your new growth soft. Furthermore when detangling, start from the ends and gradually work your way up the roots so that the line of demarcation between your new growth and relaxed ends don’t suffer. 20130602-162551.jpgYou can also incorporate the use of wigs for effective protective styling as it keeps manipulation to the barest minimum. Also incorporate protein treatments as it helps strengthen your strands. Also try to let your new growth dry in a stretched state through drying in 6 bantu knots or twist outs as these styles straighten your new growth but remember this is to be done when your roots are wet so that it dries stretched.

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