Stretch Update

I finally checked my calendar today to know how far I’ve gone as this is my longest stretch ever cos I just clocked 20weeks today and still have 7weeks to go before touching up. Growth has been amazing and the thickness is simply out of this world.

Incorporating the use of wigs has made this stretch an easier one compared to the last stretch cos I really don’t have to do much with my hair. To prevent dryness, I wear my satin cap before using the wig cap as I’ve observed that using the wig cap without a buffer such as a satin bonnet results in your hair being stripped of moisture which eventually leads to breakage.

To protect my ends, I have incorporated Nadeges’ tips on adding protein to my ends during deep conditioning sessions to prevent thinning ends and ultimately aid length retention as well. If I’m using a moisturizing deep conditioner, what I do is to scoop a bit and mix with any protein deep conditioner I’ve got and apply to my ends alone. For my roots, I apply the moisturizing deep conditioner only.

So far the results have been great and my ends are looking pretty good.

4 thoughts on “Stretch Update

    • Jan says:

      Yay!! I guessed there could be nothing wrong in Nadeges’ tips out and it’s really aided my ends. Glad to know you’re on board too.

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