Detangling on a long stretch


Detangling sessions can be tiring and exhaustive if not handled well especially when you haven’t done much with your hair save for keeping it under a wig all week. I swear I’m becoming more lazy with my moisture & sealing routine ever since I commenced wigging. My go to hair savior is none other than Mane N Tail Detangler. It’s always saved the day and has become a staple in my product stash.

From the pictures above, 1/3rd of my hair is texlaxed while I’ve got nearly bone straight relaxed ends. You can see how thick my roots are and to ensure my line of demarcation does not suffer, I commence by dividing my hair with my fingers in sections. No combs for dividing due to the dense growth I’ve got to wade through. So I divide my hair into small sections, grab each section and spray the roots liberally with Mane N Tail while using the pads of my fingers to massage the Detangler into my roots up to my ends. Once I’m done massaging, I pick up my hercules Sageman rake comb and comb my ends down to the roots. By the time I’m down to my roots, Mane N Tail has done its magic and combing is a total breeze. I proceed to use my seamless shower comb to make sure I remove every shed hair strands.

I always know detangling is a success and my line of demarcation has not suffered by checking the hair strands on the comb. No breakage…only shed hair from the roots. Wash day is about to commence and I’m prepooing with a mix of Aubrey Organics GBP Conditioner & JBCO.

Goodnight ladies!!!

7 thoughts on “Detangling on a long stretch

  1. fifi says:

    Great to read about your detangling session. I am currently 12 weeks post relaxer, but Ive been in braids for the past 2 weeks and I intend to carry it for 6 weeks. I certainly am not looking forward to my next detangling session, but I ensure I wash and deep condition every week and then moisturize and seal everyday or every other day

    • Jan says:

      Babe, how are you and trust you had a wonderful weekend. Wow, 6 weeks!!!…totally gobsmacked right now. I swear my hands are constantly reaching out for my relaxer but I keep telling myself you can do this. I’m burned out and really need a break. Chat with you later.
      Have a splendid week.


  2. hairdetanglers says:

    Nice post,

    Because detangling is really a serious technique in itself, we always have to consider the issue of different hair types and textures. Finger detangling is good, but it must be done in conjunction with the right products and combs. If the hair gets very tangled, matted or knotty-conditioner can’t even help. But not matter what you can not be lazy when it comes to detangling.

    Wet detangling is good for minor tangles. But using water & vinegar on tangled matted hair is not always a good option. Dry detangler products like the Take Down Remover cream soften hair immensely and make it easier to save you hair and time.

    We specialize in detangling hair that is severely matted or tangled.

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