Liebster Award

I’m so darn blind atimes and didn’t realize Tasia of Smooth Cuticles had nominated me for one till I read her post and saw my name blinking right back at me. Apologies about that and here we go.

Liebster Award

11 facts about me (can’t say how interesting that will be and hope I get to number 10)

1. I love my privacy and I guess that’s why I’m a bit reluctant about showing my face on social media. It’s weird and people ask me why I bother to blog if I’m not willing to show the face behind the name. I’m loving my privacy that’s why. For readers of this blog who’ve met me one on one, they know the face behind the name.

2. I love to travel and I can be a bit obsessive once it’s time to plan and pick the destination. My brain virtually goes into an overdrive.

3. I studied Economics though a lot of people think I studied Law because I am outspoken and not afraid to kick against convention (can’t say that’s bad).

4. For a long time, I found it hard to sleep without music (often blues) playing in the background. I still indulge in it occasionally when on vacation.

5. I’m an avid Pilates fan and this is my go to workout when I need to tone and sculpt my muscles.

6. I’m a big lover of dresses and this constitutes 80% of my wardrobe (bright and colorful…no dark colors for me and my shoes also reflect that as well). The hub would love to see me in native wears but it’s dresses all the way baby!!

7. I can be sarcastic atimes and during my undergraduate days, I had a BFF and we were known as the sarcastic pair.

8. I’m an avid fan of muffins, Agatha Christie (it’s got to have Hercules Poirot in it) and John Grisham’s novel anytime, any day.

10. I’m a creative person and not a day passes without thinking about new ideas and solutions.

11. I get a lot of mails from readers always asking to meet my 2year old niece (I say she’s the star on this blog). If you have any idea about the mind games we play regarding her hair, meeting her will be a tall order.

Tasia’s Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging? This blog actually started as a personal finance blog because I am passionate about women taking charge of their finances and charting their course in life rather than leaving it to chance or time. Along the transformed to a hair blog cos I was seeing great results with my own hair and I’ve never been shy about giving free information to people who need it so long as its’ relevant.

2.What inspired your hair journey? I wanted to share my experiences with Nigerian ladies to show them that we can grow our hair to great lengths and maintain it.

3. How long do you keep post in draft before you post them? A day

4. How do you feel about readers asking for product recommendation? I’m a bit cautious about that cos each hair journey is personal and different. Stating one product is not good is alien to me cos I know what works for someone might not work for the other and its’ relative. So if its’ good, I often speak about it (you can deduce that from my love affair with Mane N Tail Detangler). I’m consistently gushing about it every time.

5. What is the best hair advice you can give someone? Just do what feels right cos your journey is personal. Be consistent with your regimen and exercise patience.

6. If you could get free offers from a company for a year, what company would you choose and why? This is a tough one cos I’ve got a lot of companies on my mind but it would have to be the makers of Roux Porosity Control as it has made a difference in my hair since I commenced usage.

7. Which is better: Cakes or Cookies? Cakes all the way.

8. What inspires your post? My readers

9. How do you feel when products do not live up to the hype another person loves? I give it away to someone else cos experience has taught me that what did not work for me might work for someone else.


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