Taking care of your daughters’ hair

photo(7)If you’ve got daughters’ or nieces’, one of the frequent things you battle with on weekly or daily basis is their hair. Based on the success I have achieved with my own niece, I will be putting up regular posts to help moms out there on how to take care of their daughters’ natural hair. Most female kids nowadays have to contend with relaxers, weave-on at a tender age because their mothers are completely clueless about natural hair maintenance. I’ll be giving out tips today to help you overcome that.

1. Invest in a quality deep conditioner (moisturizing) and use it on a weekly basis before she goes to the salon to install new cornrows. Weekly deep conditioning will ensure her hair stays soft and supple making it easier to comb or manipulate.You can also add a bit of peppermint oil as well. My niece loves the mix and always insists on adding chewing gum (that’s what she calls it) to her deep conditioners.

2. Make use of sulfate-free shampoos to get rid of dust and dirt that accumulates due to the use of pomades which block their scalps on a weekly basis. Remember to wash the scalp not the hair cos that’s what’s dirty.

3. Stay clear of pomades that contain mineral oil and petrolatum cos they block the scalp. Rather start using natural carrier oils like Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Grape seed oil (we used this mix of oils consistently once my niece was born and it’s part of her hair regimen).

4. Oil natural hair once a day and remember a little goes a long way.

5. Avoid using rubber bands on your daughters hair as it leads to breakage, hence no retention.

6. Don’t let her wear the same styles week after week as it puts a lot of strain on her edges resulting in breakage.

7. Arm yourself with a good detangling product like Mane N Tail as it aids manageability during the week.

8. Remember to moisturize and seal her hair 3times a week. Cover her hair with a satin bonnet or invest in satin pillows.

9. Invest in large seam free combs to make the combing process less painful for her. Also comb when her hair is wet rather than once its’ dry. Start combing from the ends and gradually work your way up to her roots.

7 thoughts on “Taking care of your daughters’ hair

  1. Stella V. Hardin says:

    When I used jojoba and coconut oils I had decent results. I now use olive oil when I prepoo and mix it with honey for my weekly deep conditioning. I also use grapeseed oil for sealing. Since this tweak in my routine my hair is moisturized for days on end.

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