Wash Day Diary

20130723-094427.jpg1. Commenced my prepoo session with NJoy Prepoo Oil on my scalp and JBCO on my entire length. Covered my hair with 2 shower caps and left it on overnight. In the morning, I rinsed it off and washed with Ion Smoothing Shampoo; applied Ion Smoothing Hair Masque and left it on for 5minutes before rinsing out.

2. I’ve discovered that black tea rinse works effectively for me on a long stretch as it minimizes shedding. However I only use a bag as this is much better than using 2bags and it does the job. I’ve got 2 weeks more before I go for a touch up and I’m counting down cos I can’t wait to run my hands through my hair.

3. Proceeded to use Kanechom Acai deep conditioner, a dash of peppermint oil, Roux Porosity & JBCO since I was all about moisture this week. Covered my hair with a shower cap and sat under my Gold N Hot Heat cap for 30minutes before leaving it  to cool off.

4. Rinsed out and wrapped my hair in a cotton towel for 10minutes; applied NJoy essentials on my scalp and Jojoba oil on my length. Applied Biolage Advanced Fibrestrong and finished with Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. I was thinking of blow drying but decided not to.

5. My hair is currently back in corn rows and wigging is on till I touch up.


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