Wash day Diary


1. Commenced my prepoo session by detangling my hair in 6 sections. Oiled my scalp with Njoy Prepoo Essentials & coated my lengths with JBCO. Covered my hair with 2 shower caps.
2. Saturday morning, I had to dash off to M’s house and it was a joy to meet her younger sister who’s on a natural hair journey. M narrated her sisters’ natural hair challenge and how she’s been unable to grow it long. The exciting part was once she began a regimen and stuck to it, she’s seen amazing results & for the very first time, she’s been able to install Ghana weaves.
3. Once I got back, I proceeded to wash my hair in sections with Ion Smoothing Shampoo. Instead of using Ion Smoothing Masque, I decided to use Roux Porosity Control instead & the slip, silky feel was amazing that I’ve decided to adopt this routine. Left it on for 30 seconds before rinsing out.

4. You’ll notice there’s no tea rinse this week. I simply forgot and proceeded to use one of my favorite Dominican deep conditioning treatment pictured above. Mixed it peppermint & JBCO. Covered my hair with 2 shower caps and left it on for an hour before rinsing out.
5. Once time was up, I rinsed out, wrapped my hair in a cotton towel & left it on for 15 minutes. Sealed my hair with a mix of Grapeseed oil & JBCO in sections. Applied Biolage Advanced Fibrestrong and Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. Wrapped my hair in a bun.


2 thoughts on “Wash day Diary

  1. moji says:

    It was truly awesome spending time with you yesterday especially for my sister who has rarely met someone outside the family that’s also on a healthy hair journey. She also can’t stop raving about how long and healthy your niece’s natural hair is, you really gave her something to aspire to.
    Thanks so much for the tips!

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