The Egg Thingy

20131203-213929.jpgAt the start of my hair journey, I had conducted some basic research and saw how a lot of ladies were touting the egg/mayonnaise mix. Due to ignorance, I had gone ahead to try out this home made mix not realizing what I had gotten myself into.

Till today, I still can’t forget the excessive amount of breakage I had. It was so bad that it didn’t matter whether I combed my hair or not, there was hair everywhere in my house. Bedroom, bathroom, living room name it…my hair was practically breaking. I was so scared that I thought of putting a stop to the hair journey thingy but I knew I owed it to myself to find the root cause.

So I went back online to conduct an in-depth research and what I found solved the issue. What most ladies don’t understand about the egg/mayonnaise mix is that egg is the hardest form of protein available. As a result, it is important you check the protein level of your hair before you decide to try this type of homemade recipe. I still see this mix being touted online without warning ladies about the outcome.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about protein/moisture balance, then don’t be so quick to adopt the egg routine. Until you have gotten a hang about your hair regimen, be careful with the egg mix. Egg (particularly the yolk) is very high in protein and this protein can help to strengthen the hair as it is readily absorbed into the hair shaft.

When the hair has been previously chemically treated, the egg will absorb faster still, and will react with the hair rapidly. What you eventually end up with is over-exposure to protein treatment. The hair is made coarser and harder, and in the case of egg the hair can be discolored by the pigment of the yolk which has bonded to the hair. The golden colour of the yolk will leave black hair with a brownish cast to it under direct lighting. The solution is not simple. Surest cure is time and do take care not to make the same mistake again.

Get a clarifying shampoo and use it every 3rd shampoo. This will help remove surface residue from the hair and should help your hair return to normal faster. Just be sure to use a moisturizing conditioner after using the clarifying shampoo. Use a mixture of 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 3.5 cups of water as a rinse on the hair after shampooing and conditioning.



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