The Tale of Two Nieces


Today, I’m introducing you to my 2nieces. The younger one you already know while the older one has been in the background. This whole hair journey thingy actually started with the elder one as we made quite a lot of mistakes with her own hair before getting it right. As you can see, she’s got a more coarse texture than her younger sister and when she clocked six, my sister decided to texturize her hair to make it more manageable.

That route yielded little or no results since her hair did not take to texturizers and relaxers. So we decided to go back and conduct our research on her type of hair. Once we got all the necessary information, we knew it was time to go natural so rather than doing the big chop, we transitioned her gradually to natural and once she had her teeny weeny Afro, we snipped off the texturize ends. For manageability, we developed a regimen using JBCO, same deep conditioners we used, Roux Porosity Control, Elasta QP Olive Mango Butter Moisturizer or Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in which ensures her hair stays soft and supple throughout the week. I’m putting this post up because I’m aware that a lot of moms are completely clueless about managing their daughters hair & would rather surrender to the ease of relaxers or texturizers. Its better she’s an adult before making that decision to go the chemical processing route & if she does, you’ll be satisfied cos you’ve provided the knowledge pool which will aid her in nurturing and grooming healthy hair. I know it can be time consuming but the rewards are priceless. So if we can do it, you can too.

We also ensured that weekly deep conditioning was a must and it takes place before cornrows are installed. She’s eight now and we’ve grown her natural mane to arm-pit length. Her younger sister has got a looser curly texture. I know she was a bit worried if her hair will ever match that of her sister but based on the success we’ve achieved, her fears are allayed and she couldn’t be more happier. While her sister has ended the year with bra strap length, shes also achieved arm pit length as well. As you can see, each hair journey is different but once you adopt a consistent regimen + patience, you’ll achieve your health and length goals.

5 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Nieces

  1. Healthy Hair Diary says:

    How long have they both been on their journey? My daughter has been on her journey about 7 or 8 months, we have seen progress but she does swimming in school which is a big challenge since I have to always use harsh shampoos to get out the chlorine.

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