Touch up

I decided to touch up my hair at the salon over the weekend since the weather is getting dryer by the day. All thanks to the harmattan weather out there. On Friday night, I detangled in 6 sections, coated my roots and ends with Roux Porosity, Chi Silk Infusion & JBCO.

On Saturday morning, I went to the salon to touch up but didn’t meet the guy who performs this service for me. I decided to allow one of his girls to do it but I ended up with a burnt scalp which hasn’t happened in ages. Guess I should listen to my instinct going forward. I ensured the relaxer was applied to my new growth only (no combing). Told the lady to massage with the pads of her fingers and once she was done, proceeded to rinse out.

I applied Roux Porosity Control for 5 minutes, rinsed out and used the neutralizing shampoo. Proceeded to mix a capful of Chi Silk Infusion & ORS Replenishing Pak for my deep conditioning session (got this tip from Nadege who has discussed the benefits of silk amino acids for the hair). Took my Gold n Hot heat cap with me for the deep conditioning session (picture below):


Once I was done after an hour, I rinsed out and directed the girls on how to dry my hair by gently patting with a cotton towel. Sealed with JBCO, Advanced Biolage Matrix & Chi Silk Infusion. Everyone at the salon kept complimenting me on the length of my hair considering the length at which I started off this year. Gave them a brief lowdown on my healthy hair journey. Blow dried on medium heat and my hair was silky with volume. Decided to forgo flat ironing since I’d achieved sleek hair through blow drying. I snipped off an inch at the salon & snipped off another 1.5inch once I got home (my mum & sisters think I’m crazy to cut off so much cos they couldnt get over the amount of length i let go). So I’m currently full BSB & two inches away from BSL.

Basis my discussion with F, we’re joining the BSL/MBL 2014 challenge on LHCF.

I’m happy with the health and length of my hair now at year end


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