2013 Key Hair Learning

Happy New Year everyone!!! I had to get that off my chest before the month creeps by once more. So how was your Xmas break and New Year celebration? Trust you all had a blast cos I sure did. Thanks to everyone I’ve had the opportunity of becoming friends with via this platform. It’s being such a joy getting to meet and develop friendships with you all.

If there’s one key learning in 2013 for me, it was the power of deep conditioning. By imbibing this weekly practice, I went from limp, thin hair to thick, lush strands by year end. Deep conditioning has been an eye opener for me in the year 2013. I got so much leverage from this life changing habit and by the second half of the year, I had ladies within my office commenting on how thick and vibrant my hair was. Also got a lot of compliment from my male colleagues as well. Deep conditioning also aided in retaining length as my hair grew longer. That is one habit I intend to adhere strictly to in 2014. Co-washing is yet to feature regularly due to my busy schedule during the week. However, I’ve pushed my wash day to Friday and I only spend 3 hours vs the endless number of hours I usually spend on Saturdays. Let’s see how this goes once work starts in earnest.

Do I have hair goals? Sure I do. My year end goal is Mid-back length and I’m rolling with the punches to see where this ride takes me. I’ll be incorporating new products such as Rosemary Oil in my hair regimen but other than that, roller setting must be a part of my hair journey this year cos I miss my huge bouncy curls. The inversion technique is also going to be a monthly staple as well.
See my results below (this was done last week):


I’m outta here…. Have a great weekend ladies.

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