Mid-week Deep Condition

elasta qp ultra hydrationBasis my experience at the salon on Sunday, my hair felt a bit dry and coated. I decided to deep condition yesterday just to get my moisture groove back. Once I got back from work, I decided to use ‘Elasta QP Soyl Ultra Hydration Anti-Breakage Moisture Deep Conditioner’ cos I have read rave reviews about this conditioner. I decided to get done with the inversion technique before co-washing.

In my bowl, I mixed the conditioner & Jojoba Oil together and applied in sections with my sprush. Covered my hair with 2 shower caps and left it on overnight. I noticed that it melted into my hair as I applied. This morning, I applied a bit of Roux Porosity Control  before rinsing out. My scalp felt clean and hair was smooth (no frizz) and the moisture was unbelievable. Proceeded to seal with Grapeseed oil, Tresemme Split Remedy & Advanced Biolage Matrix Fibrestrong. I will gradually make mid week deep condition part of my regimen (it might not make a regular appearance) but it will be part of my regimen this year. No doubt about that.

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