Wash Day Diary

silicon bambu mix elasta qp ultra hydration1. Prepoo with JBCO on the length of my hair and a special blend mix on my scalp (consisting of 4 capfuls Rosemary Oil;4 capfuls Peppermint Oil; 4 capfuls Jojoba Oil & half a bottle of JBCO). I let it sit for a week before commencing use so the oils can blend together.

2. Covered my hair with a shower cap & used my heat cap for 30 minutes before heading to the bathroom to shampoo. Shampooed with Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo; applied Roux Porosity Control & left it on for 2minutes before rinsing out. I proceeded to spray my hair liberally with a mix of green & black tea.

3. Once my hair was dry, mixed Elasta QP Soyl Deep Conditioner with Silicon Bambu mix as I needed to blow dry and flat iron (first time since I commenced my hair journey a year ago). Covered my hair with a shower cap and used my heat cap for 45minutes before rinsing out.

4. Once my hair was 80% damp, sealed with Grapeseed oil (this is a fantastic sealing oil for ladies like myself who’ve got fine strands); Tresemme Split Remedy; Advanced Biolage Matrix Fibrestrong and finished off with Chi Silk Infusion to protect my hair during the flat ironing process.

5. Proceeded to blow dry using the tension method before using the flat iron. My ceramic flat iron has got a knob that allows you to flip to the kind of hair texture you’ve got. So I flipped to fine and proceeded to flat iron dividing my hair into sections.

My hair feels like butter right now and this I attribute to Silicon Bambu mix.

To other news, our 2nd shipment of the year has arrived and for ladies who’ve been itching to try out the following products (Purabody Murumuru; Hairveda Sitrinillah; Darcy’s Botanical Lemongrass Transitioning Creme; Darcy’s Botanicals leave-in conditioner)can do so now:

Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning CreamDaily Leave-In Conditioner



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