Your Ends are Vital to Retention

hair ends2 hair endsYour ends are pretty important and if you are going to achieve any form of growth, then you need to take better care of your end. Due to the length of my hair I regularly flip it over to inspect each ends thoroughly checking for single strand knot and split ends. To a large extent adhering to consistent weekly deep conditioning; moisture and sealing has reduced split ends to the barest minimum. I only have the odd one or two.

On wash days once I’m done, I proceed to search and snip with a pair of scissors. By examining each hair strand, I have the opportunity to evaluate the progress I have made over the long term. As depicted in the pictures above, you cannot afford to toy with your ends as you don’t want to end with thin, stringy ends after all the hard work you have put in. You can see the point at which the ends are damaged (tapers off) which goes to show how important having a healthy hair regimen is. If you’re not comfortable about cutting off so much, at some point in your journey as your hair grows longer, you will have to make that decision.

Till you get to that bridge, give your ends the utmost care you can.

2 thoughts on “Your Ends are Vital to Retention

    • Jan says:

      Dear Anuli,

      You might need to trim your ends if they are as spongy or coarse cos you are dealing with damaged ends. To ensure this does not crop up again, then you must imbibe a culture of weekly deep conditioning; regular moisture and sealing.

      Deep conditioning the hair with moisturizing conditioners, and treating the hair with protein reconstructors can also help improve the appearance of the hair and fight split ends. Protein supplementation reinforces the cuticle and helps it resists chipping, unravelling, or breaking. For instance on my wash days, I often deep condition my ends with a protein deep conditioner and use a moisturizing deep conditioner on the rest of my length down to the roots.
      Try this and let me know how it works out for you.

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