Wash Day Diary

This past weekend was a revelation. A client had invited me over to her house to demonstrate how to use the products she purchased for her 12year old daughter. I headed over and proceeded with a one on one talk with her daughter to explain the commitments required for a healthy, hair journey. I had to do this as her mom had earlier explained that her daughter desired long hair. Then I proceeded to take her through while her mom stood by to take notes and film the process. I proceeded to determine her porosity level by conducting the test for her.

We commenced with the Prepoo session by using Aubrey Organics GBP in sections. Covered her hair with 2 shower caps and left it on for an hour. Once time was up, I washed it out with Paul Mitchell Skinny Daily Shampoo in sections, then used Roux Porosity Control & left it on for 5minutes before rinsing out. I decided her mom had to take over cos there’s no better way to learn the motions than getting your hands dirty. Once we were done, I wrapped her hair with the towel and instructed her mom on how to wash her hair without tangling & the importance of washing in sections.

Once her hair was damp, I whisked out ‘Silk Dreams Vanilla Moisture’ and proceeded to apply in sections. It’s funny how every time I promise to use this brand of deep conditioner that’s gotten such rave reviews online, someone ends up placing an order for it. I observed that its got a creamy consistency & there’s really no need to mix it with any oil as it does such a good job. As I applied in sections, it was absorbed into her hair & a little really goes a long way due to its creamy texture. It also gave great slip & I can’t wait to try it out myself. You need to read the reviews from the Silk Dreams Camp & Hairveda Sitrinillah Camp to understand the varied opinions.


Once I was done, I instructed her mom to cover her hair with 2 shower caps & left it on for an hour. Once time was up, I rinsed it out and was struck by how soft and deeply moisturized her hair felt. I proceeded to seal with Grapeseed oil & Elasta QP Olive Mango Butter. Her Airdried hair was smooth, soft and silky to touch. I kept running my hands through her hair. Her mom couldn’t hide her excitement at the how manageable her daughters’ hair was. So I had to reiterate the importance of weekly deep conditioning to her which ensures fantastic results every time.

To other news, shout out to Danielle of African Hair Accel for sending us her product for review. Can’t wait to have someone try it out as I’ve read the positive reviews on Amazon. At Darey’s concert yesterday, I was struck and inspired by some ladies who had caught the healthy hair journey & the range of protective styles I saw. It was really great to see more ladies rocking healthy, long hair.
How did your wash day go?

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