Readers’ Q&A

20131020-142918.jpgQ: What is a Protein Treatment?

A: All protein treatments are not created equal. There’s no need to overdose on protein if your hair is in good shape. Even if you are experiencing some breakage and lack of elasticity, you do not need the same type of protein treatment that benefits someone whose hair is breaking off in clumps.

Light Protein: look for protein-containing reconstructing treatments for routine care. You can apply these two to three times per month, but they must be balanced with moisturizing conditioners to prevent dryness and breakage. Too much protein will leave your hair feeling brittle and crunchy.

For Serious Damage: If your hair is breaking off due to severe chemical damage, you will need an intensive protein treatment to save what you can. These treatments are designed for severe breakage and should not be used more than once every six to eight weeks. They will halt most breakage, but your hair may still be too damaged to save.

Suggested protein treatment for serious damage: Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment.

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