Wash Day Diary

Wash day commenced a bit late today. I divided my hair into 4 sections , sprayed Mane N Tail Detangler to the roots only and massaged thoroughly before leaving it for some few minutes to allow it dry out before detangling. I’ve got an inch & half of new growth….can’t afford to toy with tangling and all sorts.

Once I was done, I coated each section with JBCO & covered my hair with a shower cap for an hour but ended up dozing off. I woke up and decided to clarify my hair as I haven’t been consistent over the past 2months. So my hair hasn’t been responding to my regular deep conditioning sessions. I suspected it was due to product build-up and ended up using Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Shampoo and the results were great. I skipped tea rinse cos I’ve got no issues with shedding at the moment and proceeded to use Ion Smoothing Conditioner which I left on for 5 minutes before rinsing out. I ended up with soft and fluffy hair. Allowed it to dry out completely before applying my deep conditioner mix which consisted of Elasta QP Soyl Anti-breakage, JBCO & the last of my Roux Porosity Control. It was a wise decision to stock up on the 1litre bottle of Roux Porosity Control as it gave me great value for money since I used it for 7months before exhausting it.

I covered my hair with a shower cap and sat under my heat cap for an hour while reading up on a novel I had wanted to read during the week. Once time was up, I rinsed out the condish and wrapped my hair with a cotton towel which I left on for 20minutes. I sealed with a mix of grapeseed oil & JBCO; Tresemme Split Remedy; Biolage Advanced Matrix Fibrestrong & Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum.
I divided my hair into 6 sections and used huge flexi rods on each section.
Love the way my hair feels right now. I’m kicking up my inversion techie tomorrow. Too tired….



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