Why You Need To Clarify

paul mitchell skinny shampooIf you have observed that your hair is weighed down, not responding to treatments, extra greasy or it’s not just behaving, then it’s time to whip out your clarifying shampoo.Product build up is a common occurrence due to the kind of products we use on our hair. Deep conditioners, moisturizers, carrier oils  can leave product deposit on our hair over time. This build up can cause your hair to be greasy, dull, heavy, limp and non-responsive. What a clarifying shampoo does is to remove this deposit giving your hair the fresh start it deserves.

How often should you clarify?

If you use a lot of hair products like hairspray, hair gels e.t.c you might need to clarify on a weekly basis but if you are not heavy handed with the hair products you use, then you can restrict use to once a month.

How do you clarify?

Start with a quarter sized amount of clarifying shampoo and work it into your scalp with  a light massage for 60 seconds. Depending on the amount of oil and product build up on your hair, it might not lather much, but that’s okay. Rinse very well. Take a smaller amount of shampoo (the longer your hair, the more you’ll need to use) and work the shampoo into your hair. You will notice lots of lather in your hair. Let the shampoo sit on your head for 2minutes (you can use that time to shave your legs cos that’s what I do). It’s important to let the shampoo sit for the recommended number of minutes to allow product build up release. Once time is up, rinse very well.

You can now proceed to use your regular deep conditioning treatment (however be generous with application) since the clarifying shampoo does not contain moisturizing elements that regular sulfate free shampoo has.

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