Wash Day Diary


1. Commenced by dividing my hair into tiny sections as I had not washed my hair for the past 2 weeks. Sprayed the roots liberally with Mane N Tail Detangler; massaged thoroughly & left to dry before detangling. Once I was done, slathered JBCO liberally on each section, covered my hair with a shower cap overnight.
2. Next morning, proceeded to clarify in sections; rinsed & left to dry.
3. I applied Aubrey Organic GBP to my ends & Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner to my roots and mid-length. It’s a bonus that this one litre bottle is fitted with a pump which makes product dispensing easier. It’s a thick condish & a little goes a long way.
4. Covered my hair with a shower cap & sat under my heat cap for an hour before rinsing out. Result was fantastic with my hair deeply moisturized without any mushy texture.
5. Wrapped my hair in a cotton towel for 10 minutes before sealing with Tresemme Split Remedy; Biolage Advanced Matrix Fibrestrong; Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum & pea sized amounts of JBCO.
6. Cross wrapped my hair & tied a silk scarf to lay my edges flat. This morning I took my hair out & proceeded to comb in sections….not one single strand was left on my comb. It was a pleasant experience & my hair smells heavenly.
7. I will be plaiting in corn rows for the week as I’ve gotten my wigging groove on.


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