Your Ends Are Important For Retention


I’ve had the intention to put up this post for the past 2weeks but I was a bit lazy in terms of drawing as I was a bit reluctant in using pictures. I’ve also been engrossed with watching the Telenovela “Queen of The South” & couldn’t wait any longer for DSTV. So I spent all week watching all 63episodes on YouTube. I also watched “Labour of Love” as well.
How was your weekend ladies? Trust you all had fun & found time to rest. As the illustration above depicts, I’ve made it a habit to check my ends on a weekly basis. This is my technique which has proven useful to me in protecting my ends.

At the start of your hair journey, if you have used a lot of heat on your hair, this is how your ends will look like. How do I know? I often divide my hair into small sections and flip it over my head so I can examine each individual strand using the light from my iPad. What do I look out for? Issues like single strand knots; split ends; thinning ends (as I examine each strand, there are times when I observe thick & thinning patches along the hair strand which indicates damage caused by frequent flat ironing in the past). I have had to snip at each strand once I observe these problems.

Individual hair strand check is very important once you’ve gotten a hang of your regimen. There’s no point in trimming regularly if you’ve not inspected your hair strands to examine what issues your ends may be having. Conducting these timely checks helps you put things in perspective and focus on eliminating or reducing to the barest minimum. To nip these issues on the bud, I’ve been using Tresemme Split Remedy since I read it on Nadege’s blog that it has a component that reduces or eliminates split end issues and I’ve been consistent with it. I’ve also eliminated the use of heat and have seen major improvements with my ends.

Nowadays when I conduct my weekly individual strand test, I see I’m winning the battle and my ends have never been better. Ladies, trim if you must but conduct a strand check to note what the issues are so you can be more proactive in finding a solution.

Have a great week ahead.

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