Salon, Older Women….Hair Issues


When I decided to make the transition from natural hair to relaxed hair, one of the few things I was particular about was the type of salon to patronize. I wanted a salon that would aid my relaxed hair to thrive. Luckily for me, there was a salon not too far from my house…It was owned by this woman in her 40s who trained in England.

She had this charming salon and the interior was designed like an English cottage with white washed walls and pretty flowers and knickknacks dotting the salon. This woman had lovely and lush hair for a woman in her 40s and I knew I was in good hands cos its’ rare to see a woman in her 40s with such lovely dark, thick and long relaxed hair.

Her daughters also had lovely hair as well. Going for a weekly wash at her salon was always a pleasure cos she took her time to wash and treat my hair. My hair thrived through all the years I patronized her. Call me silly but if I go to a salon for the first time, I usually check out the number of long haired ladies who patronize such salons. If there’s only one or two long hair women who come, then I tick the salon off my list before commencing on a new search. This was necessary when I moved out of my parents home to my own home and it was no longer feasible to visit the dainty salon on Modupe Close, Fola Agoro. I often associate salons who’ve got a healthy dose of women with long hair as the salons who take extra care. Some time ago, I decided to pay a visit to my old salon and this woman’s hair is still lush and lovely even though she’s approaching 60 and now a grandmother.

I say this cos for the past few weeks I have been attending to older women in their 40s who read this blog and have given up on their hair. I have had to sit down and talk to them on the endless possibilities they’ve got with their hair and how long their hair can grow if they will only commit to it. If you’re within that range and suffering from all kind of hair issues, do know it’s possible to have healthy long hair at your age. I was going to put up a youtube link on hair care and regimen for older women but can’t seem to find that particular video.

I’ll search for it and post it during the week.
Happy Easter Celebration!!!

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