Product Review: Hairveda Sitrinillah Deep Conditioning Masque


The first time I learnt about the Hairveda range was through Jen of ‘Just Grow Already’ blog. I also stumbled across the same product on LHCF with the ladies on that forum comparing the efficacy of Hairveda Sitrinillah against other deep conditioners out there. I decided to give it a try by placing some orders for myself and other ladies who were interested in using the brand.

While my usage experience was impressive, I received a lot of positive feedback from the ladies who ordered 2months ago. F had to call me to declare she had finally found the deep conditioner of her dreams. She went ahead & placed an order for the salon size tub. I also got similar calls as well and yesterday, a lady called in who’d had trouble finding the perfect deep conditioner for herself & her daughters. They’ve got coarse, kinky textures and she’d despaired of finding one till she tried Hairveda.

She spent 10minutes on the phone regaling me of the positive experience they had with Hairveda & how she’s found her deep conditioner for life. Today I’ll be posting Moji’s product review below:

I can confidently say that hairveda sitrinillah conditioner is the best moisturizing conditioner I have tried so far on my hair journey. I am usually in the habit of mixing oils in my conditioner but I didn’t mix my hairveda conditioner with oil when I used it after I saw that coconut oil and castor oil were the second and third ingredients listed on it after water.

I also had better results than when I mixed oil with my regular conditioners. It left my hair feeling silky, soft yet strong and the softness lasted for days…no kidding! I could not stop touching my hair. It’s definitely a keeper :). A little also goes a very long way.

Happy Worker’s Day Ladies!!
Enjoy your day cos you deserve it.

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